Seeking co-parent/sperm donor in north or England

by obitam » 24 Nov 2010


We are looking for someone to help us become parents. We are aware that this could potentially be a complex arrangement but we are pretty flexible people who understand different people have different needs and requirements. With that in mind our "criteria" is not fixed. We know we want to be parents and we know we need help with that, what the person that chooses to help us will undoubtedly have there own expectations. We are happy to discuss options ranging from no-contact to full co-parenting and pretty much anything in between, all we ask for is a committment to see things through, open lines of communication and honesty (a sense of humour wouldn't go a miss either). If you think you might fit the bill or indeed, if we fit yours, please get in touch, you never know what might happen!

Tammy and Naomi

by Paul19 » 06 Dec 2010

hi, just wondering if u have had any luck yet?

im not a full member on here yet but leave me a post and we can make some contact arrangements to let you know a bit more about me

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