Seeking an intelligent AI donor in London or Surrey

by Poet37 » 08 Sep 2012

Hello all,

I have just registered on the site (though not paid to join, so I can only communicate through the forum apparently). I am still tentative but considering this route, as I would like to be pregnant within the year.

I am a single, professional, non-smoking, healthy woman. I divorced my husband of 13 years five years ago and have been unable to meet anyone else, as I am in love with a man with whom I cannot be.

I have wanted children all my life and feel I cannot wait any longer. I have just bought a house and am ready to become a loving mother.

I am seeking a sperm donor (strictly AI only) who would be kind enough to have all of the medical checks required to ensure absolute safety. Appearance doesn't really matter but I would like an intelligent, healthy professional Caucasian, based in London or Surrey.

Regarding the possibility of co-parenting, I might consider this option with the right man. It should be noted though that until I can return to work and afford childcare, I will have to take the child abroad to live with parents, for financial reasons.

by Sean21 » 10 Sep 2012


I will be happy to donate sperm. Please email me *** where we can talk privately and I will be happy to be checked in your presence as I am as healthy as ever

by cem26 » 25 Oct 2012

I can help you and be your donor you said you would like an intellectual man. Please view my profile I am a Dr in History and Philosophy and am married with a baby.

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