Seeking good-quality male to co-parent in Cambridge :)

by MsKoo » 01 Feb 2016


I've taken the monumental decision to have a child. I'm not in a relationship so I would like to co-parent with someone who is intelligent, healthy and decent (no smokers/heavy drinkers/users - although no judgement apportioned to those who partake).

I would like to co-parent with someone who wants to play an active role in the child's life, so someone who lives close to or within reasonable travelling distance of Cambridge, UK.

I'm not looking for anything other than a co-parenting relationship so AI is a more likely route than NI although I'm open to the idea of NI if we both feel it's right. I'm also open to an intimate relationship developing, again if we both feel it's right, otherwise it would be weird.

I'm currently doing a lot of thinking and research into the many different aspects of parenting that would need to be discussed. If this level of communication resonates with you then I would be very happy to hear from you.

I know this is a very big undertaking and I fully appreciate the need to have a similar value system in place and to agree on many aspects of parenting. I also realise that it's not possible to agree on everything but that continuing open and honest communication is paramount to successful parenting.

I'm sorely tempted to sign off with a profound Latin phrase (that I've just looked up) but don't want to come across as a pretentious arse :)

In anticipation


by frankiemol » 09 Feb 2016


Just wondering if you have received any positive responses or potential males?

I am located one hour from Cambridge. I am a professional, hard working individual based in Northamptonshire. I have had experience of bringing up a child (well a teemager) already having brought up my sister since she was 13. (Now turning 18 this month).

I am a gay male, but I am determined to be part of the child's life. Would you consider me?

Would be great to talk .

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