Seeking educated person

by pesky » 02 Jul 2017

Good evening,

I am moving out of London into the countryside. I am moving north to County Durham. Mainly as I believe it is a nicer place to raise children.

I am clean and sensible. I would prefer to co parent. As I believe the child might want to know you. I know I would want to know who my dad was.

I am open to sperm donation, however be aware of the above. As I want to be able to discuss with the child who the dad is. Even is no contact. So consider postcards, or something.

I am 41. Single and likely to remain so. I like children and worked with them for 20 years as a nanny and governess ( private teacher). Now I want my own.

Not sure entirely how this works. I want to give it a shot before it is too late.

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