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by pesky » 02 Jul 2017

Good evening,

I am moving out of London into the countryside. I am moving north to County Durham. Mainly as I believe it is a nicer place to raise children.

I am clean and sensible. I would prefer to co parent. As I believe the child might want to know you. I know I would want to know who my dad was.

I am open to sperm donation, however be aware of the above. As I want to be able to discuss with the child who the dad is. Even is no contact. So consider postcards, or something.

I am 41. Single and likely to remain so. I like children and worked with them for 20 years as a nanny and governess ( private teacher). Now I want my own.

Not sure entirely how this works. I want to give it a shot before it is too late.

by Mk2paddy » 18 Apr 2018

Hi I’m Patrick how are you?, Ive just seen your post and I’m wondering if you are still looking for donor?. Hope to speak to you soon

by h1llsy » 20 Jul 2018

Hi I am single, 43 with no children, own home, good job. I am seriously seeking to find someone willing to help change that. would prefer to be involved in the baby's life really

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