Seeking doner in the northwest

by MarieB33 » 28 May 2018

Hi I'm new to this site. I'm single and seeking a sperm doner.
I would like 2 children with the same doner.
I'm in the northwest and can travel.
I'm not in a massive rush so will take my time getting to know you.

by Nealmed » 31 May 2018

I am Neal, I'm a 47 year old male near Leeds. I am professional, successful, creative, and kind, so if you had my baby hopefully he/ she would inherit some of these! I can travel to you or nearby depending on where you are. Just to let you know, I am British and my parents are from India, so if we had a baby he or she would probably have dark skin. Neal

by LarsNor » 10 Jun 2018

Hello, Marie :) Are you still looking for a sperm donor? I'm a young, healthy man and I'll gladly help, if you're interested

by Ricc01 » 11 Jun 2018

Hi I’m a very experienced donor with a lot of success my email is ***

by Shuggytr » 12 Jun 2018

Hi Marie ,I'm hugh and am willing to help out with donations if still needed .I stay in largs North Ayrshire and a treesurgeon to trade ,let me know if your interested thanks

by Walkerx » 01 Jul 2018

I am located in Macclesfield ...

by markjack » 10 Jul 2018

I'm the father of a one-year old, 6'5" tall with brown hair and blue eyes. Looking to try and help others have the same opportunity to start their own family as me. Happy to help anyone, I am an AI donor. I have a first-class degree if that helps. I am fit, healthy and have previously donated at a clinic where I had extensive infectious screening tests, plus sperm tests which were very good from a fertility perspective. My little one takes up lots of time, so I don't wish to travel too far - I am in Greater Manchester.

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