I am seeking a Black or Mixed race donor

by louiseb » 27 Mar 2013


I am seeking a Black or Mixed race donor, to match me and my husbands background.A donor of Carribean decent or mixed Black and white. Not African.

We are desperate to become parents, and would appreciate a donor giving of their time.

In addition, I am considering AI only, no natural insemination.

We are looking for a Black or Mixed race donor, who lives near Birmingham or Wolverhampton. You are fit and healthy, have had a recent STI test done that is negative, and do not have any heriditary diseases or disabilities in your family. This is very important.

I look forward to hearing from you

by Darkmeet » 04 Nov 2017

I am 6'3 22 yr old black male of East African origin. Let me know uf you're still looking.

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