Seeking a coparent.

by broody » 16 Mar 2017


I've already got a toddler through a past relationship but would like to give her siblings. I am an attractive black female blessed with a youthful look.

I'm interested in someone who would want to have more than one child with me and looking for someone possibly close to my age.

I am not looking for anyone married and would also prefer someone who didn't smoke or have a love for the bottle.

If a romantic relationship develops, I would welcome it, otherwise I'm happy with the co-parenting. I would like though for someone who would be willing to commit to having more than a child.

I work in the transport industry and work shift duties.

I'm interested in co-parenting, so not looking for sperm donors.

Thanks for reading.

by Penco » 17 May 2017

Going through your profile, tells me you are looking for a man who wants to build a family and stick to it. I would love to be that man if a chance is granted. I live in Manchester. Will be glad to know more of you.

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