Searching for Woman to Co Parent

by parsons » 09 Feb 2013

Are you a mature woman that seeks a co parent? I am a mature biological male that had a change in the past.

I am at the point in my life now where I want to have a child. Have a secure, stable home and my own business in Southern California. Interested in connecting with a woman that has an education and desires to co parent a child. Would be able to take care of the child on my own if needed.

I am a born again Christian and want to experience being a parent. 8-)

In my past, I made a decision to change gender so that is why I am showing as 'Danielle'. I made all the necessary arrangements to store sperm before I had the change and now am ready to pursue fatherhood even though I am no longer a legal male.

Some of my passions and interests can be found on my website: ***
Let me know if we can talk more about co parenting! The time is right for me.

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