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by Gemb32 » 13 May 2017

Hi there I am a single female of 31. Fit healthy and active and longing to become a mummy before it's to late. My female relative's in my family (birth mother and her mother) both had full hysterectomys by the ages of 36 due to endometriosis and cysts in ovaries. The option for myself to have a child just hasn't arisen yet and I am worried it will be to late if I follow in their foot steps. Other than this I have no other immediate family health issues. I am very new to this but have an open mind. I do not have a particular ethnicity or age I am seeking although I do prefer red headed Caucasian or black males when dating. All i would ask for is a healthy kind man with no medical history a career and prospects. If you think you could help please PM me. Thank you so much :) ps please subject baked beans so I know you have read my article.

by peteek » 04 Jun 2017


I think I could help you...If you want write to me

by peteek » 04 Jun 2017


I think I could help

by Prince74 » 11 Jun 2017

Baked Beans,

I am able to help you, I am healthy, fit, will to look after my babe and make you pregnant as soon as possible, contact me as soon as you read my post reply.


by Bayokaz » 06 Aug 2017

I read your profile and its very interesting and appreciate the fact you will definitely be a good mother to any child that you have.
Based on that I am highly interesting if you find mine match what you want

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