Searching for a male coparent

by UKDee » 04 Sep 2016

Can someone please relieve me of this endless search?

I am serious about becoming a coparent and I've demonstrated this with my paid membership and posting in the correct forum.

Surely, there must be an employed, single/ unattached level-headed heterosexual man in England who also wants a child and willing to split the cost of raising the child with a financially secure, hardworking heterosexual lady.

I am a single black lady living in London. I am well educated, have a good job and career, have my own home, car, financially secure and good network of loved ones and friends. I have answered all the basic questions on my profile and I am considered cheerful and good looking by most men I've met. lead a healthy balanced life by eating well, participating in sports - I run, cycle and swim on a weekly basis, I take regular vacations but I have no desire to drink or smoke (probably a major reason why it has been difficult to find serious partners in the UK considering most 'normal' women are expected to either drink or smoke :)).

Is there someone out there that wants to be a parent, happy to hangout with their beautiful baby, doing fun things like going to the park, playing footy, teaching swimming, camping etc, but most importantly being a good role model to the child.

If you are this cool person or know a person within your network fits the bill, please inbox me.

This is a genuine post and I appreciate it won't appeal to most people as intended so please note :
I am not trying to reach out to Sperm donors as I will end up at a sperm bank to buy some sperm, if I am unable to find a willing Coparent;
Being time poor, I will not engage in endless email tennis so will prefer to meetup in person to accelerate the screening process;
Also, as I have no desire to gather strangers' details I do not intend to use, I will only swap photos and personal contact details with people I have met offline/in person who want to keep in touch with me.

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