Scottish donor here

by BRIMAC8 » 08 Oct 2017

36 year old scottish donor , i'm a twin
active 6 years on off
fathered 5 girls through AI
looking to help again and or offer advice
check out my profile brimac8
or leave a reply on here thanks

by lovinfam » 12 Oct 2017

Hello, me and my partner would like to learn more about you if you are still donating? Thanks

by DenJack » 13 Oct 2017

Hi I am a single mum and have a lovely little boy i would love to have a sister or brother. Any chance you are still donating?

by Katelm » 15 Oct 2017

Hello. Single woman, 35, no children - would love to hear from you.

by BRIMAC8 » 15 Oct 2017

hi yeah i am currently donating , ask whatever you want thanks

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