scottish donor glasgow

by BRIMAC8 » 10 Feb 2018

helped on off for 7 years
father 5 healthy girls

free to help again for right person or persons

AI only / no money talk

by Sophiali » 13 Feb 2018

Hi can u help me x

by KirstySx » 13 Feb 2018

Hi could you message me if Possible? Or send an email address where we could fall further?


by BRIMAC8 » 17 Feb 2018

im now a member so can reply back through private messages

by Sdoyle12 » 17 Feb 2018

Hiya there am wondering if you could help . Am just new to all this xx

by BRIMAC8 » 20 Feb 2018

send me a message

by Lizabet1 » 27 Feb 2018

Could you message me please

by Ebony82 » 28 Feb 2018

Am looking for a black donor in Scotland.
Would love another girl. Im a single mum of one gorgeous girl.

by K250987 » 13 Mar 2018

Hi could you message me please i am also looking for a no contact AI only donor

by Sammyand » 25 Mar 2018

Could you message me please if your still donating thanks.

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