scottish donor experienced near glasgow

by BriS1980 » 24 Apr 2018

check my profile out and maybe i can help thanks

by Bubbamak » 29 May 2018

Can you private message me please?

by BriS1980 » 14 Jun 2018

Thanks for all the messages , currently helping one person but could help another if needed , recent success has given me even more motivation to help more

check out my profile or leave email ad on this

by BriS1980 » 12 Jul 2018

thanks for the messages very productive !

by BriS1980 » 18 Aug 2018

great site managed to communicate and started helping two new recipients ! possibly more !

by BriS1980 » 26 Aug 2018

helped a girl off here 2 months ago now confirmed pregnant through AI 25th august 2018

by Jules07 » 05 Feb 2019

Hi there , We are not far from You , We have been trying to have baby for 6 years , My wife is a Mother without a child , Please find it in Your heart to send us a wee pic , and reach out to make our dreams come true , Thank You

by BriS1980 » 09 Feb 2019

leave e m a i l ad and maybe i can

by BriS1980 » 23 Mar 2019

thanks for all enquires , i'm enjoying helping

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