I am ready to become a sperm donor

by maxim1 » 09 Jul 2011

Hello, I would like to help, to married couples and lonely women which want the child, but can't make it. I am ready to help any people who want to have the healthy child with good genes.

I nice young man.I'm 25 years old, height 174, weight is 70-72, green eyes, athletic build, handsome, with excellent health, vision, 100%, blood group I+

Nationality: the father of Moldovans on the mother’s Russian and Bulgarian

Higher education + Magistracy (The best graduate on a speciality) Specialty Bodyguard, Management in ensuring the safety and security.
At the moment, officer in the reserve.
No bad habits.
Character traits, leadership qualities, reliability, responsibility, critical thinking, fast learner
Predisposed to the sport, martial arts, swimming, gymnastics, etc as well as easy to give foreign languages
Grows wonderful son (5 years) but not obedient:)

Russian (native),
Romanian / Moldovan (good)
Gagauz (good)
Turkish (basic knowledge)
Azerbaijan (average knowledge)
English (basic )

I am an EU citizen so I can come to almost anywhere in the world.

by kenya5 » 11 Jul 2011



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