Professional Southern sperm donor

by pilot » 28 Feb 2012

Professional, solvent airline pilot who is willing to provide sperm donation by N.I., not looking to have any involvement parenting and is available as required for assistance until pregnancy. I am 5'8" tall, average build with dark hair, blue eyes and of caucasian origin.
I have very good fertility, and have helped in several successful donations previously.

by Natnat7 » 04 Mar 2012

Hello, myself and my girlfriend of 5yrs are really wanting a baby, my girlfriend grew up in Crawley so we know the area very well.
We like the sound of your advert and hope you will be able to help us as a lesbian couple with AI.
Thank you.

by lou1980 » 06 Mar 2012

Your NI only status seems to be an unfair request. What about women who have PCOS & find sex too painful for example?

If donors all had a mentality like yours there would be no point having this site. Any woman may as well just go down the local pub & pull a drunk professional. They could easily buy a HIV test kit & prick his finger to test for it, prior to the act. What is the point of NI donors? If you are requesting sex then it's not really a donation is it, you just seem to be offering a vending machine facility of releasing sperm in exchange for sex.

by pilot » 12 Mar 2012

Hi Lou,

i'm sorry if my post offends you and it's not my intent. My preference for N.I. is just that, a preference and also that it minimises wasted time in that from experience conception is much more likely from N.I. as opposed to A.I. - a 'hit' rate of 4 to 1 in my experience (having A.I. donated in the recent past), and this allows success from a minimum of visits, and therefore my expense is reduced. I do however accept that an endocrine disorder such as PCOS will add pain to intercourse, and be undesirable therefore, and you have my sincerest sympathy as you are a sufferer ?.

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