Professional Pilot Donor (N.I. only)

by pilot » 07 Nov 2013


Am a professional pilot who is willing to help females with N.I. - am able to travel and flexible in regular meets until pregnancy occurs.

Any questions, feel free to ask - am not looking for any involvement, just to facilitate conception.

by ginawil » 12 Nov 2013

Hello! I could really use your help! Im living in Belfast looking to become pregnant. I have a stable career an would love to have a child. Im 25 =) Do you think you could help?

by pilot » 19 Nov 2013

Hello Gina,

yes, I could indeed help - I presume that your happy with my preferred method, namely N.I.?

When are you looking to conceive? presumably time is of the essence? would need to work out a programme of visits in order to achieve the end result.....maybe mail me, or post on here?

by cbear87 » 29 Nov 2013

Hello their I'm Claire 26 looking to make that dream come true of becoming a parent can you help, I've a stable career/job

by pilot » 11 Dec 2013

Hello Claire,

I can indeed help, please send me a mail and we can arrange and discus how you would prefer to proceed. Mind if I ask as to your rough geographic location?.

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