Professional, Asian early 30’s woman here

by Nyrs1988 » 18 Jun 2019

This might be a silly question but I just want to ask. When you guys say here you’re “willing to help” in conceiving, does it mean its for free or I need to pay you to donate sperm to me?

by blueeyedoz » 19 Jun 2019

it can mean anything... usually means wanting sex - just ask them. I offer AI or NI and no need to pay me, please feel free to contact. thanks :)

by Student9 » 19 Jun 2019

When I say it, I mean free

by Nyrs1988 » 24 Jun 2019

I appreciate your responses. Thank you!

by Forre68 » 01 Jul 2019

Well I wouldn't charge,get in touch let's have a chat.
Si xx

by Joejoe90 » 01 Jul 2019

Hi I am very genuinely interested to help as in free
I am down to earth and bubbly.

Have one son so not looking to personally have anymore kids but would like to help 1 or 2 people

Kind regards Joe

by Jamesy » 03 Jul 2019

Hey there,

I am looking to co parent if this is something that you would consider.

by asian40s » 04 Jul 2019

Let me know if I can help, i'm an asian guy of 49, it means FREE sperm donation and i'm happy with AI if that's what you prefer. Thanks

by Rakeshr » 19 Jan 2020


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