Probably stupid but...

by Monly » 28 Mar 2013

... By becoming a parent through route, how are you protected from diseases etc. I a
Have probably missed something!!


by MartinJohn » 29 Mar 2013

ensure both are tested for stds as well as HIV is the only way

by christianC » 30 Mar 2013

Well you should always get the get health checked before you start

by sun13 » 31 Mar 2013

like getting pregnant naturally i would assume there are risks - the only way ou could ensure you are safe is if the donor is able to provide a sexual health certificate - this is of course assumming they have not had unpreotected sex since the certificate - this is something i would definetely ask for. :-)

by zimmy » 01 Apr 2013

MAke sure donor has recent STD screening. There is really no guarantee as you don't know what they have done the night before. Most of the donors are clean but there are some serious liars so be careful.

Its a risk. You decide what your risk appetite is.

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