Pretty woman... :) coparenting wanted

by Danna » 06 Dec 2015

I find myself at stage and age when most men want me but not children. I am interested in single men for co-parenting rather than donors. A child has a right to know where they come from: face and name of the father. It gives them more life strength in life…
Check up my profile and drop a line or two... :)

by wayne47 » 07 Dec 2015

Hello where you from am single male from liverpool interested in donating

by Danna » 03 Jan 2016

Wayne47, I think you offer yourself too often :) when we are looking for coparenting... :) thank you for trying though ;) good luck

by Chaseb » 05 Jan 2016

Hi are you still looking? I've just posted a new request myself so might have something in common

by Romio74 » 24 Jan 2016

Hi Donna,
I just have submit my request as coparent because I believe as you do the child have a right to know his father and look after his child to brought up normal don't develop any psychological problem so please if you still available let me know.
Kind Regards

by Danna » 24 Jan 2016

I cannot find your profile...

by Romio74 » 26 Jan 2016

My profile is approved now, you can see it clearly

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