potential donor new and not sure what's what yet.

by dayglowfro » 17 Jan 2016

Hi I am thinking about becoming a sperm donor .
I am 40 happily married with two kids latest little girl just 4 months old my boy is three and a half .
I am about as English as it's possible to be with only Welsh and a tiny bit of Scots in my family history so a bit boring compared to my wife ,half Chinese.
I am 6ft 3 tall thin reasonably muscular but have always kept myself fit and done manual type of work so that helps .
o negative blood ,Scorpio, dark hair ,hazel eyes .but was born white blond hair and bright blue eyes all changed by around 3 .I have strong work ethic my own business I am a multi skilled tradesman but always on the look out for business ideas etc so not constrained to the ordinary rat race.
I have a good sense of humor and people like me naturally. based near Cambridge bur from Derby.

by august3014 » 19 Jan 2016


I think it's great your thinking of becoming a donor :)

My wife and I live in Norfolk and we are finding that there are not many local donors so if you decide you would like to help a couple experience the joys of becoming parents we would love to chat with you

by BabyDream1 » 23 Jan 2016


Are you still thinking of helping someone? As per my profile I am a happy, stable, single, professional, loving girl - from a very close family - devastated at not being a mum and being repeatedly unlucky in love. My family have all agreed to support me on my journey to single mum-dom :) and as such everything is in place for a little one to be loved and adored by me and his/her extended family :)

I am in Glasgow but regularly work in Birmingham. Would you consider having a discussion?

I am looking to try to create a little miracle in the next few months - Spring latest - please let me know what your expectations/needs/thoughts are on what your ideal scenario is?

Many many thanks in advance :) x

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