Possible NI/AI in Dublin, Ireland

by gilow » 04 Feb 2015

I'm not to sure how this works. Been wanting a child for a few years now and I'm not getting any younger (30). At this rate I'm thinking I need to go it alone (not fully, have a load of family and friends but too embarrassed to go ask one of the lads for his little lads). Still not 100% as I will need to meet the donor and go from there. Would prefer no contact with child on donor part, unless child requests in the future and hope you are would be up for that as every child should know where they are from. Would be willing to show pictures of child's progression.

If I do go for NI, would rather ages 28-37 to reply only. Thanks.

by Axton » 10 Feb 2015

Hi Gilow,

I would be happy to help, please feel free to message me, I live in Cambridge we have direct flights from Dublin to Cambridge airport :)

Take care,


by Mike48 » 14 Feb 2015

Hi,I will help if I can if I match what you are looking for.
Kind regards Michael.

by Mike48 » 14 Feb 2015

Hi Gilow, I would like to help if I can if I suit what you are looking for,
Kind Regards

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