Please help lesbian couple desperate

by OandT » 12 Mar 2012

We are a lesbian couple aged 23 and 25. We have been together for 2 years an living together for a year. We have been through alot and have made a huge commitment to each other and know we will be together forever. We are looking for a sperm donor who wants no contact after the fact as we want to bring the child up to be an indiviual. The child will have alot of male influences as both our fathers are alive and we both have a brother, uncles, cousins etc that are willing to help out if we need a male point of view but my dad will be the main male in the child's life as I am at my parents house every weekend. We really would love to start a family very soon as we want to be young parents full of life to give our child the best life. We both work in the childcare industry and both have looked after a lot of children in our lives. Please help us fulfill our dreams of becoming mummies :)
Get in contact please.
My email is ****** please no time wasters.

by cedlaco » 08 Apr 2012

I can and i want help you. here is my mail adress: *******

by NewYear » 20 Apr 2012

There are never guarantees for forever in life just the here and now and in your early twenties sure feels like it. Good luck!

by nikitaC » 30 Apr 2012

Hi sweethearts, i feel for you both as a mum to 4 i jnow all to well the yearning for a child, Me and my OH have 4 children, last 3 are very close veing born 08, 09, 10 and they are true beautys. So i could not imagine ... well i could... it would be awful
My OH said he would like to talk, and discuss what you are looking for, and hopefully help you both, so if your looking still reply to this post, and fingers crossed for you, whatever happens x

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