Parental diagnosis experience

by Anna123 » 19 Jul 2017

I want to tell about my experience about prenatal diagnosis. I'm 37 and this is my not first pregnancy, I had missed miscarriage before. To be true our family was very upset and took the situation hard. I read lot specialized literature, got the consulting from of the specialists about the diagnostics of the pregnant women in the other countries. Finally, I realized that I behaved irresponsibly. What was I thinking about, what if my baby born ill? Who would take care of me? Disabled people are simply useless in our country. That very time I met my friend and she advised me to visit the specialized clinic. I have discussed this with my husband and we decided to pass the prenatal diagnosis.I was afraid to listen to the results. Thank the experienced specialists the whole procedure passed easily. I had to lay on the bed, a doctor checked how the baby behaved in my belly and it was ok. Then he pierced my belly and took the necessary quantity of fluid from the placenta. That was all. After short relaxation, I could go home. Just got the recommendations not to have any hard work. The result came in few days. I was so happy to know that everything was good. I'm not pity I have done the prenatal diagnosis. I could have health problems if I would be in such a stressed mood. Moreover, few hours spent in the cozy office passed very quickly.

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