Oxford Sperm Donor available

by John22 » 26 Nov 2009

Hi I am a sperm donor based in Oxford.
I donated to Oxford Fertility Unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital for 6 months producing 200 straws for assisted conception.
I then went on to donate sperm privately and have helped 3 couples conceive. They got pregnant after 1,2,6 months respectively.
I had a GUM clinic examination and was STD tested on the 9th October 2009.
I am willing to travel to donate.
I wish to remain totally anonymous as a sperm donor, and do not wish to have any contact with the child.
Thank you,

by sue5 » 27 Nov 2009

Hi would you consider helping a single woman in surrey?

by John22 » 29 Nov 2009

Hi yes I would.
Please emil me directly *******
Regards, John.

by lynsey2 » 30 Nov 2009

sue5 wrote:Hi would you consider helping a single woman in surrey?

Hi Sue5

I too am a single woman wanting a baby but am totally confused and nervous about what steps to take! Wondered if you fancied a chat. It would be great to get another womens perspective on things.

by sian3 » 03 Dec 2009

im a lesbian and me and my girlfriend would like to get pregnant but dont have a clue bout all the procedures we have to go through any chance any one wants to chat to me about it??? thanks x

by sam2 » 03 Dec 2009

hi would you help me im single surrey 30

by sam2 » 04 Dec 2009

can you help me *******

by ju » 04 Dec 2009

Will you be able to help us?,we are a hetrosexual couple, we can travel. .With no involvement with the child.
Many Thanks,
:D Ju

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