im an AI only donor im married

by paul73 » 15 Jun 2010

it seems to me that that donation is all very one sided, im an AI only donor as im married but would like to see the kids occasionally, but im finding more and more that this is not acceptable to most people or they say yes at the begining then cut you off as soon as they get the positive. the recipient wants you to be tested for everything, travel to them normally or use motorway toilets (i think not) then they want to cut you off after what they quiet often term as the best thing possible for someone to do. they dont like NI being mentioned (i dont anyway) but give us the pot and go away.
when it comes to lesbian couples they want someone to look like the partner, why? what are you going to do, tell the kid that that you by some miracle managed to produce sperm and got your wife/partner prgnant, then they want someone who dosent to know anything about the child once born as they both want to be on the birth certificate as well.
i think the law in the U.K has gone from the child not being able to find out who its father is to being able to find out after a certain year to being lied to and being told that they have 2 mums, this is not physically possble as only 1 gave birth. or does that mean i have 2 dads and 2 mums as my parents split up. obviously not one person gave birth to me and one persons sperm was there to make me. im sorry if this offends anyone but have some consideration for the person helping you or go and use a clinic in another country that has different laws to U.K.

how many others are finding the same with being cut off? i would like to know where my donor kids are just so as i dont have them getting into relationships with another donor kid. or what about the mother wanting another kid later? i know where my answer lays for that, what if they need medical info or maybe bone marrow? as many people would know the best chances of a marrow match would come from siblings.

just my opinions and not meant to offend but pls think before cutting us off!!!!!!!!!!!

by Daniella » 06 Sep 2010


Seems you have a very big chip on your shoulder???? I am looking to get pregnant via a donor/co-parent and I am willing to have the male be apart of the childs life. Not all woman are the same.... If I say I want the father to be active and he agrees then that is what is going to happen!!!! Have you had a bad experience at this or something? Daniella XXX :P

by paul73 » 09 Sep 2010

can i have eggs with that. this is for real but you must wear blinkers to real life

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