Older Mother Seeking Sperm Donor

by Ashton » 20 May 2009

Hello All ... I was very excited to find this website because its just that one step closer toward fulfilling my dream of parenthood. Nevertheless, I'm Ash and it is my hope to find a very dedicated and special donor to help me make this all happen.

You can be a known donor or completely anonymous -- I don't expect anything financially from you, though far from being wealthy, I am able to financially care for my children without the need for assisted support.

Sadly, the donor I used with my daughter (who is 15 months old now) is no longer able to assist me to create a sibling for my little girl, as he was deployed out of country with the military for the next three years.

I am a very open minded older mom' who so much desires to have just one more baby''' and am having a very difficult time finding a donor... Please, if you can help, contact me...

God Bless

by Steven » 27 May 2009

I would be interested if you are still looking. I am 26 years old and I live in Canada.

by lolasue » 27 May 2009

Hello Ash,

I have just come across this website and hope that it is the answer to my prayers. Do you mind if I ask you how worked out with the first donor? I am new to this so I havent a clue what to expect. Do you have to pay donors? Is it via home insemination? etc I am living in Ireland and am not sure how much success I will have with my search here. Is this a new site?


by axion » 16 Jun 2009

Hello Ash -

I've recently registered as a donor and would be interested to help. I'm 29, currently in the UK, have a Ph.D and fresh STD tests.
Axion -

by Garth » 01 Jul 2009

I could help i am in durban South africa. :D

by cazz1972 » 06 Nov 2009

Hi there ash i have just read your post although i carnt help you i can understand how you feel. im caz 37 yr old mum of 4 and iam so very desperate to have another child just one more.I thought i may be alone in wanting this until i found your post. anyway if you would like to chat please feel free and i wish you alll the luck in the world xxx

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