Northern Ireland/Ireland coparent

by marcy123 » 15 Jul 2020

Hi, Im a 29 year old very active and fit single woman,
I have 2 masters, speak 4 languages and heading for a PhD once my own business is up and running.
I am searching for a male counterpart to be a donor and co parent as the legal 2nd guardian.

by Mariusya » 01 Aug 2020


I am a fit and active guy living just south of the border, born in Yorkshire and would be over the moon to be a parent again


by clennon » 17 Aug 2020


My name is Colin,Im 31 based in Dublin looking to be co parent.i have a a successful career and Im fit and goodlooking.At this point in my life I see fatherhood as a priority.With past relationships not working out for one reason or another I see coparenting as an excellent ay for two people to give all of there attenion and love to a child without the complication of relationships in the way.

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