North Wales Lesbian couple seeking AI british sperm donor

by MissMM » 22 May 2013

Lesbian couple in North Wales seeking British AI sperm Donor.

A healthy professional couple set to be married we would assume full legal responsibilty of child. Just looking for a healthy AI sperm donor to help us start a family!

Donor must be CAUCASIAN. would prefer dark hair dark eyes. MUST BE FREE OF GENETIC DISEASES AND STI'S. as well as none in family history!

view my profile and please reply here, I do check regularly!

by MissMM » 22 May 2013

please get in touch by posting a reply to this! thanks! :)

by paulfil » 31 May 2013


Im interested!

I am a 36yo healthy, sporty, well educated male, I like art, theatre, sport, music etc.

I have recently had a full STD check up and was give the all clear.


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