No Time Wasters (please) -Thames Valley Donor

by A1Man » 08 Jun 2020

Hello. I’m very happy to be a good reliable donor exclusively helping one woman become a mum. Ready to help now and only want to help someone who’s mentally ready to start now.

I helped one woman a few years ago have two children, and that went really well. Ready to do it again.

Emotionally mature, fit and healthy make, goid caring man.

Get in touch if you are interested please. If help along the Thames Valley through Berkshire, Bucks, Oxon, and south into Surrey and Hampshire.

by Kelly202 » 11 Jun 2020

I have only just made my profile and so I am not sure if it has been approved yet but I was eager to message you. I am not in a same sex relationship I am a single person. I’m not sure if this makes a difference to you or not. But I’ll tell you a little about myself. I have fertility issues. I have tried for a long time to have a family of my own with no success. My fertility issues along with my ex low sperm count and quality unfortunately ended our relationship. This however, has not stopped my burning desire to be a mum. After jumping through hoops with my consultant I have finally been started on a round of fertility treatment and do not want this to be a wasted opportunity and for me to become a parent. I would be interested in speaking to you further. Although this is all new to me, I do know there are some safety measures that need to be taken and would like to chat further regarding these. I am based in Nottinghamshire though. Would this affect your decision also? Kind regards. Kell

by Alexnicc » 14 Jun 2020

Hi where are you from

by Ikkn » 18 Jun 2020

Hello I’m new to this I’m Nikki if you want to talk let me know and we can talk.

by Chanchan » 20 Jun 2020

Hi there, it would be great to have a chat if possible

by LouLou29 » 26 Jun 2020

Hi, I'm a single woman looking for a spermicide donor, I'm located on south East London, if you are interested please get in contact
Thanks. E.

by A1Man » 28 Jun 2020

I’ve replied individually to all who have contacted me by private message. Happy to chat further and develop things if you wish.

by PATTY745 » 09 Jul 2020

Hi There,

My name is Andrew. I am Scottish. I have a family of 9 children.

I have sti certificate and full blood count. I am a Mechanical engineer. Well educated. I'm a former U.K Soldier.

I get great pleasure knowing that I have made a difference to someone's life. It gives me great satisfaction. I am a mature male. I'm 41 years old, Hazel eyes. Nice white teeth. Dark hair 5.10"

Please pm me and I will happily give you my number. I would be willing to travel if that helps. AI or whatever you want.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Never ever give up x.

Kindest regards,

by Mazziem » 13 Jul 2020

Hi, I'm interested to know a little more, :)

by Win1984 » 16 Jul 2020


I am interested please

by A1Man » 20 Jul 2020

I started this thread, because I have time and respect to offer to help someone achieve their dreams.

The best way to engage with me is to drop me a private message with a bit of detail about you, and make an effort to start a dialogue . I find it hard to reply to ‘I’m interested please DM me.

There’s a really good kind caring man here willing to help.


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