NI donor wanted to help me be a mum

by karla » 19 May 2016

I am looking for someone to help me be a mum via NI. I am 31, 5ft 8 and slim with long dark hair and brown eyes. I am fit and healthy. I love being active and being outside. I love to read, I'm passionate about music and food/cooking.
If you would be willing to help me please get in touch.

by softty » 20 May 2016

Hi Take a look at my profile is there is a way i can help let me know .

by dantheman » 22 May 2016

Hi maybe I can help

by TKirksen » 22 May 2016

Whereabouts are you based?

Have a look at my profile, and send me a mail if you are interested.

by lon_kam » 22 May 2016

I am in London, if you are still looking, please have a look at my profile and let me know

by martin46 » 22 May 2016

Hi Karla,
I can help you my username is martin46

by DLW » 23 May 2016

Hi, if you like my profile and would like to chat let me know

by JMcL » 24 May 2016

Hi Karla - I can help you achieve your dreams of motherhood. Message me if you are interested.

by saturn » 28 May 2016

Would be happy to help.

by yiorgos » 06 Jun 2016

Hi, I would like to help you. Look at my profile and get in touch on *** Don't worry about my age as me and my partner had an IVF two weeks ago so there's no problems with me if you know what I mean. Hope to speak soon.


by Oojar » 07 Jun 2016

more than happy to help - have a read of my profile and if interested message me. for further info etc.

by wayne47 » 11 Jun 2016

Hi am happy to help am in liverpool

by wayne47 » 12 Jun 2016

Hi karla am based in liverpool willing to help you with your search for my sperm lets make this happen soon

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