Newcastle based man looking for a Co parent

by Sean91 » 04 Jun 2019

Iam a single bisexual man looking for a female to co parent with as I would love a son/daughter of my own and have always wanted to become a father. I have a full time job and I'm also in the army reserves and enjoy fitness related activities and generally looking after myself

by Anny37 » 24 Jun 2019

Hello Sean, are you still looking? If yes check my profile you are okay with what you see. Message me let's talk further.

by Susan78 » 31 Jul 2019

Hi Sean

I hope you are either still looking for someone but if not that you have found the perfect co parent. I’m a 40 year old ( A sexual) from County Durham interested in coparenting. I want to find someone I can work with to raise a lovely child (although I would love twins), I work from home so am very flexible with contact to meet the other parents needs. Check out my profile if you are interested.


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