New to this! Little advice

    by Yazmin27      .      27 Jun 2020

    Hi all I am new to this not sure how this all goes really or how it works.
    Would really appreciate any advice if possible.

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    Yazmin27 on 27 Jun 2020

    Hi all I am new to this not sure how this all goes really or how it works.
    Would really appreciate any advice if possible.

    A1Man on 30 Jun 2020

    Hello Yazmin

    Welcome here and good luck in your search. You’ve asked for some advice, can I offer you some from a donor / co-parents perspective;

    Firstly be certain this is a route you wish to follow, and then take your time and chat to a few donors. Trust your own judgement, please don’t let anyone pressure you, find a donor you have a rapport with.

    If you decide to meet a donor do so in a safe place and maybe start with a cup of coffee and a chat. Discuss whether he will be reliable and able to help you each month. It’s more likely a local to you donor will have the time to spare to help you each cycle. Remember donors have life’s too and be understanding there may be exceptional circumstances where he can’t help you on reasonable or shorter or twice that’s acceptable but not repeatedly.

    You should discuss key aspects like will the donor be involved in the child’s life or not, will he pay maintenance, birth certificate identity, will he ever see the child, will you send him updates.
    Agree these and decide whether you trust the donor to keep to this agreement or whether you want it formulating in writing.

    Some want the donors screened for STD’s, particularly those who appear to be serial donors. Trust your judgement.

    I’d also advise you to have support from family and one or two trusted friends. You will need emotional support on the journey.

    The day will come when you begin trying. You will hopefully know your ovulation dates and will communicate that to your donor. You will agree a time and place to meet. Depending on method the donor should have privacy to produce sleek into a clean receptacle, or you make love and that is your choice primarily.

    Be safe...a friend should know you are meeting someone, and check in on you.

    In terms of the website here, use the search function to identify those members local to you whom you think it’s worth contacting to ask for help. Also use the chat function if you want.

    In summary, good luck in your journey. As in life there are great people on here, and I suspect some more shady people do just use your own judgement to find someone you feel you can trust but even then still be alert and safe.

    Martin7A on 01 Jul 2020

    Hi Yazmin The advice A1Man has given you is really good advice, Like all sites there is good and bad take your time because this is all about timing first you need to learn about your body and start to track your ovulation so you know when is the best timing when you are most fertile.
    Your donor must be committed, good luck on your journey, if at any time you need to ask any questions just message me.

    Best Wishes Martin

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