New to this and need a quick question answered

by rachb32 » 11 Mar 2016

Hi everyone! I'm gathering my thoughts together before fully subscribing to this site. Firstly I would like to know how the steos and stages that are taken by choosing your 'sperm donor'. I'm making a plan B incase my clinic treatment fails (although I have every faith it will work) so how do the legit guys we get to know on this site to donate their sperm get their sperm to ourselves? Is there anything in place on the site for guys to get screened for pure sperm etc?

by Cupcakes » 12 Mar 2016

Hi, have you got any repiles other than here, are you talking to anyone eles re you thoights as iy seems what you have written is what I was thinking and I too have not fully subscribed hope you get replies soon


by salsa53 » 13 Mar 2016

Not wishing to state the Bloody obvious , why would you seek advise about Sperm Donors from a Co parent site ? , the clue is in the title :-] . Russ

by Rb1 » 15 Mar 2016

It's not just a co parents site. Most of the activity on this site is actually donations only and not co parenting.

by karma35 » 18 Mar 2016

Glad you said that RB1. You'll find some donors have had pregnancy successes recently. Others have gone and had sperm analysis done. Either should be fine, just be wary of donors who have no recent proof of fertility. It's not that you shouldn't use one (and if they are STD tested then there's no health risks) but you could be wasting your time!

Presumably since you are interested in the man's fertility, you will have had some tests yourself already? I'm guessing your fertility treatment is nothing to do with your ability to conceive?? K

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