New to all this, help and advice needed

by Tan » 07 Jul 2010

27 year old single female looking into sperm donation as now last option to have a much wanted baby. so new to this, i dont have the first clue how this all works. i need advice. help!

by ethania » 19 Jul 2010

I'd advise reading as much as you can about it all here, then work out what you want as a donor or co-parent, look around for matching profiles, and build up a contact with your chosen males? It seems a long road and has many ups and downs so you need to be mentally strong and not give in to get your bundle. Even when you find a compatable donor it could take a few tries. Location is also a factor as your donor might need to stay the night at a hotel or drive/travel some distance. Be happy though as good vibes seem to help getting pregnant. You might give it all a break and then get back to it using what you learn to hone it down? I'm available..ha ha best of luck..

by Tina222 » 23 Jul 2010

I too am new to this and interested to find out all there is to know and consider.
I am 35, a mum of 1. It would be good to speak to other women who are in the same situation and looking into soerm donor or co-parneting.

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