NEW Donor - Surrey / South - Healthy & In Prime

by MrD » 16 May 2015

Hi, I'm Dale..

Random stuff about me..
I'm 31yrs old.. I'm a perfectionist, not quite OCD
Run my own company building Race Cars. I work hard to fund my own Racing habit, I compete at Pro level.
I don't have a single qualification to my name, the day I left school and collage was the day I started to educate myself, I consider myself quite intelligent and reasonably well educated now.
I'm healthy, no history of reoccurring illness in family.. 5'10", I don't drink, occasionally smoke, eat reasonably well, never had any std's, not fat not thin, don't think I look too bad, some tattoos, blondey/brown hair, beard goes ginger when I'm filthy at work every day but clean up ok.. Im not sleezy, not a strange grubby weirdo, quite professional if I do say so myself.. If you read this we decide to meet, I'll be more nervous than you..

Motivation for donating: Listened to a documentary on Radio 4 about it and most the donors interviewed sounded like weirdos, thought it must be hard to find a decent guy to donate that isn't just looking for stealth sex..
I'm not motivated by money either, although if im required to travel miles it'd be nice to have costs covered.
It's more of a public service thing I guess, I don't do much for charity other than sticking a few pounds in the odd collection box, but donating sperm is such a minor thing to most guys, but so importation to someone trying for a baby, I kind of feel obliged, to give something that doesn't cost me a dime..

I'm not into keeping in touch after(unless we click and we want to), this isn't supposed to be for me(ie the donor)..
I can do NI, I know how that works.. Not opposed to AI but the logistics kinda freaks me out and I don't know how it works?!

Based in Surrey but I can travel, I drive 500 miles to some race events so I'm not worried about doing miles if costs are covered.

If i sound like your guy drop me a message:)

by Helle79 » 06 Jan 2016

Hi Dale
Thank you for taking the time to write a detailed profile page, I font know if you are interested in still helping someone if you are I to am based in Surrey and would love to chat further.

Helle :D

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