New donor in Kent

by JCDonor » 30 Aug 2020


I'm a new donor living in Kent. I'm a bit nervous about this and don't know what to expect!

I was inspired by some friends who couldn't afford to try for pregnancy through normal routes, and between the three of us we managed to achieve the hypothetical impossible!

I'm well educated and healthy, and I like to think not bad looking! I don't know what else to say so please feel free to contact me.

by Nikki283 » 14 Sep 2020

Hi, we are a married couple looking for a sperm donor only. We have had a couple of unsuccessful IUIs, just because of timing them, left us very much out of pocket and frustrating - and would like to increase our chances by having a donor to AI at home a few times over the Ov Window.

Can I have your contact email...

How many couples will you be donating too ? Do you have any children currently ? What month will you be available ?

Thankyou :)))

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