Ai needed may consider Ni

by Kalon » 10 Dec 2013

Hey guys,

I am a single female 32 years of age and looking for NI. I have two beautiful little boys but, I am now ready to give my love to another. I struggle to meet men with my job which is hectic at times but, my kids always come first. Good health, looks and a clean system is extremely important to me as the health of a child is paramount throughout this.

I am not willing to do NI as still very much value that it should be between a loving couple and not for this process. I live in Leicestershire but, I don't mind travelling if I have to or recommending a hotel up here for someone who is willing to assist me. I am no looking to co parent etc or anything like that at this time but depends on the other person and how we get on.

I have placed an advert before and I did get many replies but, I chickened it as never thought that I would resort to this however, I am happy to do it this way and give a new child the love that it deserves as I am more than ready.

My one wish is a picture as even though this is a process I do not want to feel like it is a lab. This picture is between us only and will not be shown or passed around but, gives me a gd idea of the person that is supplying me with my dream and a new life.

If you are interested then please email me on: *** with a brief bit about you, your health and a picture and I will get back in contact. I will supply a picture also if requested and more about myself.

Many thanks guys

by Baby4Uu » 22 Jun 2014

Check my profile if it interests you I will be willing to help if your still looking.Msg me

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