by kay143 » 29 Jul 2013

Hi me and my partner looking for reliable sperm donor in manchester we have bin try for a year now with A.I and its not worked out so we would like to try N.I If ok we are a lesbians bin together for a few years now and we think its time to have a family of are own we both would love to be pregnant at the same time we would love the same donor for the children we both work full-time in good job so if you like what you see look for use on here or leave us a message thank you kay&nik xx :D

by charl20 » 05 Aug 2013

Are U still looking for a donor. Charlie

by Paul555 » 04 Sep 2013

Hi, Im available if your still looking. Paul

by Dan1999 » 05 Sep 2013

I'm also available to help realise your dreams too.

by dolly29 » 22 Oct 2013

Did you find a donor? We are looking for one in PRESTON so not far from u x

by Brian03 » 13 Nov 2013

I'm available to donate

by simonm » 19 Nov 2013

Are you still looking because I'm available

by simonm » 19 Nov 2013

Are you still looking because I'm available

by Parent3 » 20 Nov 2013

I would like to help but would need to meet up and be sure that your relationship is strong. I have a daughter myself and can show you pictures in person. I understand the need to be a parent so hopefully I can assist you both with your wish :-)

Contact me ***at googlemail dot com

by davidG » 23 Dec 2013


I would like to help you out and I am willing to NI. Ideal scenario would be for you both to partake in the process in order for it to feel right and then you both feel that you've contributed to the conception. Basically, the one of you who is going to play a paternal role "help load and pull the trigger" (im the gun) and the maternal partner is the receiver of the sperm. I would be willing after my part is over to discreetly get up and leave whilst you continue to make love, as this would really make it YOUR conception. Use you're imagination, but I think it could be beautiful and actually work.

Contact me if you would like to meet or discuss this further.

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