need co parents

by mum2011 » 16 Oct 2011

I am a single 38 year(but most of ppl say I am 25ish) work as a freelance graphic designer.I separated with my long-term relationship because he hate baby/kids(till recent years I discovered !!!) I am always dreaming about to be a mum ,when the biological clock is warning to me have to be ready& under high demand to having a baby recent years, but instead he rejected to having sex for many years he used say not ready till waiting we had achieved pursuements and on top of our career still nothing happened. I have wanted a baby for a long time, now because of partner dosen't and you cant make things happen you self . so now I am starting to look into co-parenting so that I can have what I have always wanted. I am a very kind person but I do find it hard to trust people which is my biggest downfall in finding a new partner for myself.

I am looking for someone who lives fairly locally I live in London. A man that is possibly single, tall, intelligent, and generally a very nice person inside. During co parents I do hope I am not along myself in giving birth year as there lots emotion , physical helps . thanks for help


by mum2011 » 01 Nov 2011

I Hope the donor can STD/HIV tested regularly, it's will be great genetically screened for recessive diseases such as Sickle Cell and Cystic Fibrosis. ;)

by Forre68 » 02 Jul 2019

Hi rose
I would like to have good chat and discuss,I long to be a dad and are a similar situation.Im 51 and not getting any younger.I think we might conect.Im just an hour a way from london.get in touch.

by Bayobayo » 03 Jul 2019

If you haven't find anyone I am available and will like to chat further

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