My pursuit - putting it out there a year early.

by Balkania » 20 Mar 2017

///Please Read: I am not looking yet but am happy to chat informally until the time is right... I have a trip to New York in November... then after, I will be commencing checks with the fertility clinic in either Aberdeen or London. Most likely Aberdeen. It will be early to mid 2018, at age 27, that I'm hoping I'll start IUI/AI. I have joined this site now so that I may take a look at what it has to offer and the profiles on it.\\\

I am predominantly looking for a sperm donor only... but I am not opposed to coparenting depending on how much involvement there is (I know some like to have weekly visits, where as others like simply to be kept up to date and see the child once a year). As I've been reading the forum on this site, it is apparent that so many men long to be a father as much as I long to be a mother. Please be aware that I live in Shetland.

In the future, when I'm ready to officially start the search, I will be looking for someone who is willing and able to provide a medical history of themselves and their family. I appreciate that co-parents may not see this as necessary, but I want it for peace of mind. I want to know if 3 generations of males have died of heart attacks, if there is a history of cancer, or if glaucoma is prevalent, as examples etc.
I'd like to know of any allergies as well.
I will also provide this information about myself, of course. Most of which can be found below.

I have allergies/intolerances to the following: fairy liquid (mild scratching), banana (shock and vomiting), kiwi (precautionary due to itchy lips), peanuts (closed throat), crustaceans (severe anaphylactic reaction), and lastly penicillin (nausea/headaches/sensitivity to light). All developed in later years as a result of, we think, chemicals that are sprayed on these foods. So my body associates these foods with illness etc.
My family medical history: no history of hereditary diseases, nor cancer except for breast cancer in my Grandfather which was minor. Both sides of the family, both paternal and materal, live into their late 80s and 90s. Diabetes and high blood pressure on my maternal side directly caused by weight (my mother does not have diabetes).
A bit more about me: I have always been mature for my age and, although I love the Pride & Prejudice idea of the perfect person for me, I'm not in a position where I want to wait for this, nor have the time. I have PCOS [Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome] and it is not unknown for women who suffer from this to not only have trouble conceiving, but to actually become completely infertile. I have always wanted children, and would like to foster children in the future, but I do long to have my own child to carry and to raise.
I work from home, I'm settled, I've gone to university (wildlife conservation/countryside management), lived abroad, and so many other things. The things I want to do in the future are things I want to experience with my child, boy or girl.
I've lost 2 stone so far in the pursuit to one day become a healthy active mother. It is slow-going but a tasty bar or chocolate is not worth sacrificing my opportunities of motherhood.

Straight nose (I have a bit of a bumpy nose, so I want to try and give the child a chance at a straight one!)
6ft or over, ideally
Articulate/intelligent - I don't care if you're not academic, but I'd like to be able to hold down a conversation with you. If through messages, I want to be able to read then and not decipher the "wruu2" style of language.
Hair: Straight. Thick or thin, don't care. Colour not important.
Eyes: Blue/grey/green/variations of these
Ethnicity: Caucasian or close to
This is a wishlist, and I stress this. Wishlists are not "they must be this or nothing". I am very open-minded. I have written this down simply because I've had a few messages from people who are lovely but, because of their ethnicity, they have very dominant genes that would mean I would be unlikely to see any part of me in the child. I am the furthest thing from racist (previous dating history: black-African, Mexican, Portugese), but I've got to be realistic in what I desire in order to help me decide who to eventually pursue conversations with. I apologise if this offends anyone.

If you made it this far, I'm impressed! If you want to contact me, feel free to. Please start the message with "Pineapple" so I know you've read all of this.

Thank you.

by Nog » 27 Mar 2017

I may not be your ideal but i read your post and I'm genuine

by MrOwens » 27 Apr 2017

Good morning.

I was just perusing the site when I saw your post. I seem to fit most of what you're looking for except I'm 5'11 and on the off odd occasion I grow my hair long it has a slight curl to it.

I don't know much about you but the time you've taken to express what you're looking for makes me think you're a serious honest person and even if nothing comes of it, it would be a good thing to talk.

My picture is on my profile.

Pineapple by the way.

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