My ivf experience

by Anna123 » 10 Jul 2017

When I was twenty could not event think about the possibility to have a problem of being a mother.My best friend Sandra told me about such problem. She was fighting with infertility for many years, but without any success. I was fully involved in her emotional feelings and her sufferings of being so helpless. We were both crying when I was listening about this for the first time. Tears could not help, so I decided to help my best friend to be happy. A couple of days I was sitting in the net and the decision came. Next day I told Sandra that I decided to become egg donor for her. I was so much worried if I could help my friend but everything happened to be so easy. I showed her Ukrainian agency web page, we filled in the application form and we got a call next day. All the trip details to Ukraine were settled very quickly and after some preparings, we flew to Kiev. Thank God, IVF procedure was very successful. The transfer and engraftment were perfect. The pregnancy period was more or less easy as the qualified medical specialists supported her all the time, as well as all Parentage.Pro staff. After nine months my dearest friend became the happiest mother of twins.They are healthy and growing quickly. Now they are already a year and a half old. I'm so happy I could help my dearest friend. Thank you, for the fantastic support! Believe me that it is so wonderful to realize your own possibility to help somebody to become a parent.

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