My desire to be a Dad

by Peterec » 27 Jul 2015

Hello to everyone reading my post.

I'm serious about being a Dad and bring up a child.
I'm well educated and commutative, I am probably the one of the most loving and caring people out there.
Trying to find someone seems to be costing me subscriptions, but getting me nowhere.
So I found the Co-parenting section on this website.
My perfect idea of parenthood would be to help to bring up a child from new-born and
be an amazing Dad.
Relationships and living together is no must, as long as I'm there for the child (when needed) and (for the up bring process) and
(there's enough commitment to the child) that's what counts.

Due to my calm and quiet nature, nothing ever stresses me out and I know that development of a child
needs time.

I look forward to any replies on my post.

by tsune » 30 Jul 2015

Totally agree with your point of view :)

by broody_ » 03 Oct 2015

What part of the Country are you? :)

by cathy35 » 06 Oct 2015

Hello , i'm cathy
your profile sound very interesting n i will like to get to know you if is ok with you. life is to short to fill with stress ,everyone deserves to be happy and i believe that happiness starts with little me or you(baby).

by Sezzy1972 » 09 Oct 2015


Very interested in chatting to you further, please get in touch,

Thank you,

by Will73 » 30 Oct 2015


Your desire to be a Dad is as great as my need to be a mum. Maybe we can help each other out.
Have a look at my profile and let me know what you think.

Many Thanks

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