moaning about charges ???????

by paul73 » 19 Aug 2010

consider this : i found it on the net for info as to how much you could be expevted to pay for a surrogate. its just to put things into perspective when someone asks for a donor who dosent charge expenses.

"There is no set amount of expenses for a Surrogate. Each case is different as each Surrogate Mother has different expenses. These can vary from £7,000-£15,000. The expenses must be justified to the courts and they will ask for proof if the expenses are too high. These expenses are to cover everything that a Surrogate Mother would have to pay for while she is pregnant with your baby. These include maternity clothing, vitamins, travel, time off work, take aways, childcare, cleaner etc."

good luck in your search for someone who dosent charge a penny.

by IMAYMT » 29 Jun 2011

I am still trying to get my head around how any woman would go through this for someone and give the baby up in the end no matter how much she is being paid.

She is taking a considerable amount of time out of her life, might be off work, could have problems in her pregnancy, also the impact on her personal life for nine months,there is a whole load of problems which could occur. Any woman doing this for a stranger to give the baby up in my opinion is something I couldn't put a dollar amount on.

I don't think a man donating sperm especially the ones insisting on NI is any comparison to a woman being used as a surrogate mother for someone.

I couldn't imagine any woman doing this for free and I would not expect them too.

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