Mixed race gay male in London looking co-parent

by Rob75 » 06 Feb 2013

Hi, I am a mixed race gay American 37 professional looking for co-parent(s) single female or lesbian couple. I love children and would like to have one or two in my life. I am looking for moderate involvement. At a minimum looking for a few visits every few weeks/months depending on distance, regular updates and pics, maybe when older the child could meet my parents /family and join me on holidays. I am not interested in child rearing decision making or being a primary care giver but if accidents happened would be willing of course. How much involvement would be up to you but I am not looking to be just a known donor.

by kellyke » 09 Mar 2013

Hi you sound like just what i am looking for. can i ask what your heritage is please? i am a white British woman. Hope to hear from you soon!

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