Mixed Race or Black donor sought :)

by isise » 13 Aug 2012

We are a female/female couple in our late twenties who are ready to start a family. We were both born and raised in Britain; we both have one black parent and one white parent making us both mixed race. This is why ideally we are seeking a black or mixed race donor. We are looking for an AI donation only and someone who is willing to be fully health screened. We have been together 3 years and have a loving and secure relationship and supportive friends and family. One of us is a health care professional and the other runs their own business. We would be interested in talking to anyone who thinks they could help us start a family by being a donor only- although we are open to discussion. If you think you could be our potential donor please feel free to drop us a line or two about yourself and of course, we will answer any questions you have about us :) Thank you!

by jes_caj » 24 Aug 2012

Hi there,

I may be a possible option.

I'm an Afro-Carribean male, in my early twenties and ready to assist.

Hope this helps.

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