Middlesbrough Sperm Donor

by Liam22 » 05 Nov 2013


My name's Liam. I'm 22, 5'7, slim/athletic, blue eyed with mid-length brown hair. Originally from Australia, though moved to London at a fairly early age. Went to Teesside University to study and have since graduated. Leading up to my time at university I started a relationship that continues to today. It was only two months ago that I was hit with the news that my partner did not want to have children, it saddened me deeply and I questioned the future of our relationship. This topic has recently been brought up amongst our friends and after some discussion, my girlfriend has given me permission to be a donor to any partners or single women wanting to have children.

I am willing to do whatever it takes to help as I want to die knowing there's a part of me, however small, still enjoying life.

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