Matt, looking to be a brilliant dad

by matt1982 » 01 Oct 2016

Hi, I'm Matt and im 34. I think I am running out of time to find the right person to have a baby with. I've had 2 relationships in the last 12 years and both have unfortunately ended due to different circumstances. I don't want to be an old da and think I'm running out of time. I'm quite active, healthy and good looking (apparently) :).

If there is anybody out there feeling the same or would like to ask me anything then i would like to hear from you and have a chat.


by nic768 » 05 Oct 2016

Hey Matt where are you located?

by Mother77 » 07 Oct 2016

Hi Matt

You sound great !!
We're are u located?

by Denden » 16 Oct 2016

hi matt.
where are you located
im interested

by matt1982 » 18 Oct 2016

Hi, sorry for the delay in replying, been extra busy at work this last week. I'm from Cheshire originally but I'm based in Stoke currently.

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