Married lesbian couple want a sperm donor in scotland

by margaret3 » 28 May 2010

we are a married lesbian couple, we have been together for 5 yrs and married for 3 yrs, we have been talking about starting a family for 2 yrs now, we are both employed and are in the process of starting our own business, and are looking into buying our house, and feel we should be ready to start a family next year, were looking to get to know some guys who donate so we can build up a trust and maybe even a friendship, we would prefer a donor who doesnt want to play any role in the childs life, that will be willing to donate twice within 1 year apart, as we want to have 1 child each and it is important to us that they have the same father so they will be geneticly related, we would also like our donor to live in scotland, thanks for reading our ad, hope to hear from you soon.

margaret & zara

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