Married Lesbian Couple - New at this!

by Welshwom » 01 Dec 2018

We are a married same-sex couple looking for a sperm donor, although new to this so not sure how it works!?
We are in our early 40's, so hoping we are not too late to try for a family that we both desperately want. Can you help us out? Prefer someone living within South Wales, but we would not want you to be a co-parent afterwards; just looking for your swimmers! Need someone close-by so that tests can be completed and it is likely to be easier for someone to be within a certain proximity (although not too close!) so it is easy for logistics.
Thank you for reading my post.

by Welshdaz » 27 Jan 2019

Help there you two
Would like to see if I’m compatible and could help : and understand what your looking for.
Let me know if you want to chat and hopefully speak soon
If not then good luck on your amazing journey !

by claireh1 » 01 Feb 2019

Hi myself and my girlfriend are also new to this and are looking for a donor, i was wondering how this was going for you and if you could offer some advice? xx

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