Married lesbian couple looking for sperm donor.

by Kimsie91 » 06 Mar 2018

Me and my partner (same-sex) are both 26 and have been together 4 years.
We've had two rounds of IUI through a clinic, both failed and we are struggling to afford treatment.

We are now looking for a anonymous donor in which we can do home insemination. We don't want the donor to have any involvement in the child's life.

We'd like to have the donor match my partner as close as possible, so we'd like the donor to have brown hair, brown eyes, fair skin, be white/Caucasian. Must be English with English parents. We also want the donor to be health checked and to provide proof of these health checks.
We will also like to see photo ID.

Donor must be willing to travel to us, we are more than happy to pay travel expenses. We live in Northamptonshire (East Midlands).

If anyone would be willing to help us achieve our dream of becoming parents, we would be eternally grateful.

Looking to start from the beginning of April.

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